Law Enforcement Alerting Portal (LEAP) is a privately-held company that exists to help ensure the safety of children and families. To that end, we have developed the most advanced information dissemination portal to issue AMBER™ Alerts, helping to potentially reduce response times from hours to minutes when it matters most. supports state AMBER™ Alert programs by providing them with our Law Enforcement Alerting Portal (L.E.A.P.) technology, for issuing AMBER™ Alerts, at no cost.

LEAP provides law enforcement the tools they need to ensure:

LEAP currently provides the following alert types to law enforcement agencies:

Fast, Efficient and Reliable Information Dispatch has worked with law enforcement agencies to address reporting and support needs, providing our technology and service at no cost. serves as the primary alerting system for Utah, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Illinois and Washington and as a secondary alerting system to all 50 states through NCMEC.

Criteria for Issuing an AMBER™ Alert

This is a summary of the Department of Justice's recommended criteria for issuing an AMBER™ Alert.

Issuing an AMBER™ Alert to the Public

The designated AMBER™ Control Agency of each state has the authority to interpret or make exceptions to the above guidelines in issuing an AMBER™ Alert. In the vast majority of states, the state police are the control agency and act as gatekeepers for the issuance of AMBER™ alerts. Derivation is dependent on each state’s approved AMBER™ Plan. Once the required information is entered into the NCIC system as outlined above, the AMBER™ Alert is issued via the primary alerting system, such as using LEAP. The primary alerting system disseminates the information via e-mail, fax, text messages, RSS feeds , and / or social networking websites in an effort to support law enforcement agencies, broadcasters, state agencies, and other departments such as the Department of Transportation, federal agencies and other alerting systems – such as NCMEC and individual AMBER™ Alert subscribers. Secondary alerting systems rebroadcast alerts via their websites and / or individual alerting networks. is both a primary alerting system and secondary alerting system. For more information on LEAP, law enforcement agencies may contact us.

Disclaimer has no authority over the issuing of AMBER™ Alerts.