About is wholly owned subsidiary by Alert GPS Holdings, Corp. exists to provide solutions to improve the efficiency of issuing and responding to AMBER™ Alerts.

Alert GPS Holdings, Corp

Alert GPS Holdings, Corp. is the parent company of and Amber Alert GPS.

Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS is wholly owned by Alert GPS Holdings, Corp. Through the sale of products, Amber Alert GPS subsidizes 100% of the LEAP program for any state in the United States that wishes to use our technology to disseminate AMBER™ Alerts.

Core Values

To be passionate about the safety of children and families.

Our Mission

To help keep children and families safe through safeguarding, response and prevention.

History of AMBER™ Alert

The AMBER™ Alert program is coordinated nationally by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Technology is developing state of the art tools to help law enforcement do their jobs better, faster, and smarter. By leveraging the latest technologies, is able to provide real-time, 24 hour access to a custom designed, easy to use, efficient dissemination application for law enforcement agencies to push AMBER™ Alerts and other notifications out to the public quickly.